When considering a hardwood floor for your home in Covington, you would be wise to consider using white oak. It is enormously popular for flooring and furniture uses. It is also extremely strong and grown domestically — making White Oak a readily accessible hardwood. White Oak has a smooth, even appearance with a uniform grain pattern, which displays rich contrast when finished with wood stain. The experts at Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA have all you need to know about white oak hardwood flooring.

Designs and Uses white oak hardwood in covington northshore nola

White Oak is utilized in places where longevity is of high significance. Because it has special resistance to rot, white oak is a staple in boat and barrel building–in addition to its uses in furniture and flooring. A versatile wood, white oak can be darkly stained or left untouched. As a flooring material, white oak comes in either machined or standard boards. While more expensive, machined flooring can be used where heating elements or concrete is present (think basements or rooms with radiant underfloor heating).


As with all hardwood flooring, the key to longevity is sweeping the floor and keeping it dry. While white oak is very strong, it is not immune to gradual wear from abrasion caused by accumulated dirt. White Oak will keep going for quite a long time with general clearing and vacuuming – and wet wiping to keep it looking nice. It does not require any special treatment, but it should be given attention in high traffic areas where spills may happen or debris may accumulate. So unless you’re looking for a weathered aesthetic, some maintenance will be needed.

Durabilitywhite oak hardwood in covington northshore nola

White Oak is an incredibly tough hardwood material — rating at 1360 for hardness, which is at the higher end of the Janka hardness scale for easily accessible domestic hardwood species. White Oak is noted for its durability. Many antiques, floors, and ships that are made from this durable hardwood have survived hundreds of years of use. White Oak is a very strong material when contrasted with other hardwoods. This makes White Oak an attractive option for your floor in Covington, where humidity might be a factor to consider.

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