If you were considering a hardwood flooring for your next home improvement project, one that encompasses natural beauty with an unmatched durability, the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA have exactly what you need: walnut hardwood. This is flooring that is easily obtainable for homeowners in Covington and at incredibly affordable prices.

About Walnut Hardwoodwalnut hardwood in covington

Walnut comes in a range of rich hues and gentle textures, numerous styles and wood variations, which makes it a budget-friendly option that is appropriate for every living and working environment. Walnut is a species of lumber that can be found in many locations across our nation, meaning that this hardwood is easy to obtain at a low price. When you implement walnut hardwood into your space, you increase the value of your place, turning this simple renovation into a profitable investment that will surely benefit your future.

Design & Uses

As noted on the Janka Hardness Scale, Walnut hardwood is listed at a humble rating of 1010. This flooring is popular for its smooth feel and natural look that is both aesthetically and texturally pleasing. It is comparable to the exotic walnut species with its complex blend of earthy tones; however, the American species is significantly less expensive. Superficial blemishes go unnoticed with walnut hardwood, although it is known as one of the softest hardwoods on the market. This flooring has a reputation as one of the most durable of our commercial woods.

Maintenance & Caremaple hardwood in covington

Walnut hardwood is the poster child for minimal maintenance flooring here in Covington. Unlike other well-known hardwood alternatives, walnut has the reputation to last for decades due to simple, routine cleaning rituals, immediately tending to messes as they befall your floor. Use clean, warm water when addressing spills, then dry mop to absorb the remaining water on your flooring. Liquids that are left to stand for a lengthy period of time will lead to permanent damages. You can successfully ensure your walnut hardwood has a long and fruitful life by quickly responding to accidental spills.

Start Today!

If you would like to learn more about walnut hardwood or any of our other flooring services, contact the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA today! We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation to those in the greater Hammond, Mandeville, Laplace area and would be glad to assist you on your journey to find flooring that is right for you.

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