The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA find joy in assisting the community in the Northshore discover the flooring of their dreams. With our knowledge and expertise, we work with our customers to find flooring that’s both easy on the eyes and on your wallet. We take pride in helping others succeed in their search for the right flooring of their chosen environment. For those who are more inclined to hardwood alternatives, we would like to make a recommendation: hickory hardwood.

About Hickoryhickory hardwood in mandeville and northshore nola

This domestic lumber is easy to obtain and comes at a reasonable price. It lives in numerous states throughout our nation, and is only used for occasions that require genuine durability and super strength, such as tool handles and lacrosse sticks. It boasts at a rate of 1820, according to the Janka Hardness Scale, meaning it is resistant to our modern-day wear and tear. Hickory hardwood is noted for its brawn, reliability, and beauty, making it a suitable choice for almost any living or working style.

Style and Uses

Hickory hardwood is recognized as one of the most industrious floorings on the market. It has the ability to withstand our modern abuses and heavy traffic areas while displaying an organic beauty with its warmth and character. Often it is offered in a wider plank to display its complex graining which features a unique pattern that sets it apart from comparable flooring alternatives. Every floor illustrates a complex variety of hues, including bright tans and deep browns, giving it the versatility to compliment any space with varying tastes.


Simple cleaning rituals will ensure a long and fruitful life for your new hardwood. For those seeking a low-maintenance flooring alternative, hickory hardwood is the way to go. Simple cleaning rituals will ensure a long and fruitful life for your beautiful floor. Hickory hardwood is known to be naturally more resistant to water, though, additional measures can be taken to guarantee the protection of your floor. Permanent blemishes can easily be avoided by taking immediate action and effective steps when spills or messes occur, as well as routinely applying a sealant for peace of mind.

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