As with other types of flooring materials, natural stone tile has its own series of terms that will affect the quality and style of flooring you end up with. Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA wants to help you find the right fit for your taste, style, and budget. Follow along as we take you through this handy guide to natural stone tile flooring for your Covington home.

Your Guide to Natural Stone Tile Northshore NOLATypes of Stone


The result of cooling magma, granite flooring is an extremely strong and durable material that will stand up well to high levels of foot traffic, pet claws, and the wear and tear of everyday life.


Timeless and beautiful, marble flooring begins as a type of limestone before undergoing a metamorphosis to become the marble we recognize today. The various minerals that exist in marble prior to its transformation are what contribute to the resultant variety of colors and styles that are available. 


Quarried from mountains, slate tile is loved for its natural beauty and wide selection of available colors and styles. This flooring material is also slip and water-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Your Guide to Natural Stone Tile Northshore NOLAOther Considerations

Coefficient of Friction

The coefficient of friction is used in flooring to measure a tile’s level of slip resistance. When shopping for natural stone tile, be sure to ask about this measurement. Flooring that rates above a .50 will be considered to provide average to excellent levels of friction. Flooring that rates below a .40 will typically be more slippery and should be used with caution.

Absorption Rating

The absorption rating is another tool that is used to describe the quality of stone tile. Stones that have a higher absorption rating, or that are termed semi or non-vitreous, are stones that should not be used in bathrooms or other areas with a lot of moisture. These types of stone will easily absorb water, which can lead to staining and etching. Vitreous and impervious stone tiles, on the other hand, will have much lower absorption ratings and will work well in areas with normal to excessive levels of moisture.

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Natural stone tile makes a beautiful addition to any home. To learn more, give Floor Coverings International Northshore NOLA a call today to arrange you free, in-home design consultation. We are proud to serve residents in the Hammond, Mandeville, Laplace, and surrounding areas, and we look forward to your call!

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